Advisory Board

Outside Advisors Provide Essential Business Perspective

At the core of our business, we serve as trusted outside advisors to our clients. We also take advice from trusted outside advisors ourselves, to add business perspective we may miss from the inside. We rely on them to see the forest when we’re looking at the trees and focus on the occasional tree when we are distracted with. well, other trees.

Objective advisors are absolutely essential to sustained performance, innovation, evolution, and transformation. We are incredibly fortunate and proud to have assembled a team of advisors that provides us with vital business perspective as we evolve our business to be all it can be, for our clients and for our team.

Our Board of Advisors

Adam Smith, Founder & CEO, The Sound Press

Adam is the Founder and CEO of The Sound Press, a full-service marketing agency partner that assists in building thriving, innovative organizations. He and his team serve companies that want to invest in their brand, purpose, promise to customers, and the growth of their team members, stakeholders, and leadership for mutual success. Learn More and Connect with Adam on LinkedIn.

Andy Sathe, VP, Senior Consultant & Wealth Management Advisor, MCF Advisors

Andy is VP, Senior Consultant and Wealth Management Advisor at MCF Advisors. He consults with business owners/founders and other professionals to facilitate informed financial decisions – helping them with challenges and unlocking energy and time that they would prefer to spend accomplishing their professional and family goals. Learn More and Connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

Brian Busken, Owner, Busken Bakery

Brian is the owner of his family business, Busken Bakery. Busken Bakery is a full-line retail bakery with a goal of bringing fresh-baked joy into all of life’s moments since 1928. From the happiest of birthdays to times when offering somebody a donut makes all the difference in the world – baking and making memories every day is what they do.  Learn More and Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.


Mike Sipple Sr., President & Chairman, Centennial Inc.

Mike is President and Chairman of Centennial Inc., serving as President in 1980. Their mission is to connect leaders with the best, most promising talent and the right resources to improve their businesses, careers, and personal lives. Their clients range from privately-held, family-owned businesses to public corporations to non-profits. Learn More and Connect on LinkedIn.