What We Do

TP4 Advisors provides Financial Foundations for Sustainable Growth for closely-held Main Street and Middle Market businesses. Closely-held businesses primarily valued at $1-25 million depend on our services to keep their owners and finance teams on track and informed to make good business decisions.

Full Suite of Services

We handle critical transactions and transformations, from the most routine daily data entry and maintenance all the way through the largest and most complex business transforming plans and initiatives. We provide demonstrated expertise and results in five key areas, from execution to strategy:

Building Blocks: The Foundations Package

Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting services form the core strength of any profitable business. TP4 Advisors simplifies your bookkeeping and financial processes to give you the freedom to run your business and make better business decisions with better data. We can become your internal accounting department and increase your efficiency while reducing your overhead costs. Learn More.

Advanced Accounting: The Growth Package

Squarely rooted in Accounting management, The Growth Package bridges the gap between the day-to-day of basic bookkeeping and the long-term complexities of a CFO role. Whether you have a formal Controller on staff, or simply want your organization to run as if you do, TP4 Advisors can serve as a vital resource for your financial management. Learn More.

Executive Perspective: CFO Guidance Package

At the highest level, our executive CFO Guidance package brings to bear every aspect of our expertise, from the basics all the way to valuation, M&A readiness, and execution. TP4 Advisors provides a broad spectrum of specialized advisory and financial services that meet the requirements of each client’s evolving business requirements, from cash flow and projections to working capital, profitability, and an annual operational valuation. Learn More.

For What It’s Worth: Business Valuation

An accurate business valuation is essential, especially during the major milestones in the evolution of your business, from operational optimization, buying, selling, or other business initiatives like securing new investment or financing. Understanding the financial risks and implications associated with business transactions, TP4 Advisors uses multiple business valuation methodologies to confirm and maximize the value for you. Learn More.

Science of the Deal: M&A Services

The considerations involved in buying or selling a business can be overwhelming. Our M&A Services are designed to simplify, clarify, and enhance the process of buying and/or selling, both strategically and throughout the execution phase. We have access to opportunities as well as fellow service providers who may also be of assistance in these high-stakes initiatives. Learn More.


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