Accounting Controllership – The Growth Package

Strategic Accounting Oversight for Greater Performance

Squarely rooted in accounting management, Controllership bridges the gap between the day-to-day of basic bookkeeping and the long-term complexities of the CFO Role. Whether you have a formal Controller on staff, or simply want your organization to run as if you do, TP4 Advisors can serve as a vital resource for your financial management.

Accounting Controllership for Advanced Management of Your Financial Operations

Well beyond basic bookkeeping, Accounting and Controllership Programs & Supervision require broad and deep expertise. Our Advanced Accounting Management package covers the bases, from regular periodic transactions and reporting, to staff training and management. We deliver individual services as needed, but we also offer a comprehensive package that includes

Everything in the accounting Build Package (found here) plus

  • Advanced accounting
  • Financial projections / modeling
  • Multi-location operations
  • Implement 90-day roadmap
  • Finance/accounting personnel coaching – leadership
  • Onsite specialist support, as needed
  • Specialists and partners support
  • Monthly team review with partner
  • Process optimization

Building Blocks: Basic Bookkeeping

If this sounds like you’re skipping some steps, please review our Bookkeeping and Accounting Services. It’s always best to start at the beginning, and as your trusted advisors, we will always let you know when you’re missing something and when you’re ready for the next step.

Executive Perspective: CFO Guidance

There’s one more step. If you have a handle on your tactical finance management practices, you may be thinking about the highest level of evolution or transformation of your company, as well as the nitty-gritty of optimizing your financial management. If you are reaching the highest strategic aspirations, please take a look at our CFO Guidance offering.

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