CFO Guidance – The Guidance Package

Financial Strategy at the Heart of Business Transformation

You may be the CFO of a closely-held business, or you may be an owner wearing a CFO hat and providing the CFO guidance for your company. Either way, you carry the weight of strategic assessment, planning, and vision based on the company’s financials.

That means taking a long-view and external perspective on the marketplace and where the company fits into it. It means knowing when the structure might no longer support optimal growth, or when a business unit is no longer value creating and time to divest. It means being prepared for the opportunities that are down the road and optimally positioned – from a cash and organizational perspective – to capitalize upon them.

CFO Guidance: Objective Perspective to Drive Excellence

At the highest level, our executive CFO Guidance package brings to bear every aspect of our expertise, from the basics all the way to valuation, M&A readiness, and execution. We deliver individual services as needed, but our premium comprehensive package includes

Everything in the Controller Services Growth Package (found here) plus

• Accrual bookkeeping services
• Cloud-based QuickBooks access
• Financial simplification plan and tracking
• Weekly bank account reconciliation
• Weekly credit card reconciliations
• Code and enter expenses into QuickBooks
• Check writing – processing/bill payment
• Payroll processing and submission to payroll provider
• Income recognition into QuickBooks
• Revenue analysis
• Cash flow analysis
• Budget development and monitoring
• K.P.I. / Metrics development

o Executive dashboard development
o Departmental K.P.I. tracking

• Balance sheet reconciliations
• Specialist month-end reporting
• Multi-location operations
• Implement 180-day roadmap
• Benefit and insurance analysis
• Relationship leadership – banking, CPA, insurance
• Finance/accounting personnel coaching – leadership
• Onsite Partner and specialist support, as needed
• Monthly financial statement preparation and presentation

o Income statement
o Balance sheet
o Statement of cash flows
o Monthly written Partner commentary providing perspective and analysis of statements
o Customized financial reporting

• TP4 Partner monthly review

Advanced Accounting Management and Basic Bookkeeping

If this sounds like you’re skipping some steps, please review our Bookkeeping and Accounting Services and/or Accounting Controllership offerings. It’s always best to start at the beginning, and as your trusted advisors, we will always let you know when you’re missing something and when you’re ready for the next step.

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