M&A Services

Mergers & Acquisition: Buy-Side and Sell-Side M&A Services

TP4 Advisors helps owners of closely held Main Street and Lower Middle Market businesses through some of the largest financial opportunities of their lives—buying or selling a business. The process can be especially nerve-racking for family-owned businesses, where every business decision is actually personal. In many cases, our clients are first-time buyers or sellers, and that’s where M&A Services can change the game, regardless of which side of the table you’re on.

When you’re getting ready or thinking about getting ready to buy or sell a business, the considerations can be overwhelming. How do you know for sure? Where are the best options and resources? What happens once you say “yes” to the transaction?

TP4 Advisors M&A Services Approach

Our M&A Services are designed to simplify, clarify, and enhance the process of buying and/or selling, both strategically and throughout the execution phase. We have access to opportunities as well as fellow service providers who may also be of assistance in these high-stakes initiatives.

We’re business owners helping other business owners. Engaging with companies valued at $1-20 million, TP4’s team works closely with you to develop smart strategies that fit you and your situation and goals. Our partners bring nearly 60 years of combined industry experience to bear on each engagement, helping each client sell, buy, value and financially manage their business―and their future.

Buy-Side: Due-Diligence, Strategy, and Details

We’re there for you from target criteria and sourcing of targets through the complexities of due diligence, valuation, negotiation and beyond. Learn more about Buy-Side M&A Services.

Sell-Side: Preparation, Valuation, and Details

Selling is a major decision and “kind of a big deal” for almost every business, from knowing what questions to ask, to knowing and garnering the real, full value of your business and finding prospective buyers. Learn more about Sell-Side M&A Services.