Buy-Side M&A

Strategy, due diligence and follow-through keys to buying a business

TP4 Advisors knows that buying a Main Street or Lower Middle Market business promises many advantages, but can also be both time-consuming and draining for the buyer.

Using our proven buy side process, we work closely with you to develop an acquisition strategy (e.g., establish target profile/criteria and build a list of targets), and then to reach out to identified targets. We help you navigate the complex due diligence process that includes calculating a target valuation and uncovering key issues, opportunities, and potential synergies. After that, we arrange transaction financing sources and handle negotiations and closing.

Key considerations include

  • What are your motivations for buying (e.g., talent, market share and/or selected other assets)?
  • What are the seller’s motivations (e.g. decline in demand, retirement and/or changing marketplace)?
  • What are the criteria for an ideal target?
  • What’s the optimal timing of the acquisition?

TP4’s proven phased buy side process