Sell-Side M&A

Selling a business involves many unique challenges, emotions and rewards

We know that selling your business is one of the most significant events of your career. Bringing both financial and business experience, as well as a proven track record of success working with Main Street and Lower Middle Market businesses on both the sell and buy sides, we work alongside each client from start to finish.

Our comprehensive process addresses each client’s unique, multiple needs. First, we review the relevant information and any pre-deal conditions, asking the right questions and defining the best strategy. Next we analyze financial information (current and growth), rigorously assess all relevant factors and recommend any needed gap-closing initiatives to enhance transaction readiness. After determining a valuation range and target price, we create an acquirer profile, candidate data sheet and prospective buyer list. Then we market the business by communicating its true value, screen for the best qualified respondents and connect the principals. Finally, we negotiate the agreement and finalize the transaction.

Key considerations include

  • What are your motivations for selling (e.g., retirement, market conditions and/or other opportunities)?
  • What are the key value drivers of the business (e.g. recurring revenue, earnings consistency, industry dynamics, customer concentration, management team, key supplier relationships, scalability and/or well-defined growth opportunities)?
  • Who’d want to buy your business and why?
  • What’s the ideal timing for the transaction?
  • What are your post-transaction goals?

TP4’s proven, phased sell side process

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