In 2008, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Busken Bakery developed a proprietary, natural yogurt brand/product and retail store concept called Yagööt, which they then grew to four locations in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. The business enjoyed commercial success and grew/maintained a very loyal customer base. In 2014, management made the strategic decision to focus solely on their core business (baked goods) and to divest Yagööt.


Busken sought out TP4 to prepare the division for sale. TP4 focused on understanding the business and its marketplace thoroughly, and then preparing it for sale. The firm then marketed the opportunity to qualified prospective buyers, handled the due diligence process and facilitated interactions between all parties.


TP4 followed its proven, disciplined sell side approach, finding a qualified buyer for Yagööt and closing the deal. Busken management was pleased because they received the desired sales price and the process was completed in a timely manner. The new owner bought an established, healthy, cash-flowing business with a great reputation at a mutually acceptable price.


  • Residential/commercial home services business
  • Dental bridge/implant business
  • Large childhood education centers
  • Landscaping company
  • Financial services firm
  • Medical transportation business
  • High-end spa businesses
  • Pet care business
  • Specialized fitness facilities
  • Dog boarding business
  • High-end personal care salons
  • Retail/restaurant businesses
  • Automotive distributor

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