Closely-Held Businesses

A Closer Look at Who We Serve

Closely-held businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from sole proprietorships to the privately-held giants that make the Forbes list. Our expertise is with those companies on the smaller end of the spectrum, up to about $50 million in revenue annually.

We often refer to these closely-held businesses as “Main Street” and “Lower Middle Market” companies. Some are known as entrepreneurs, startups or small businesses. Some are family-owned for generations, while others are new franchisees.

Risk & Reward for Owners of Closely-Held Businesses

From the Founders to the mature-stage owners determining whether to optimize and sustain, invest and acquire, restructure and divest, or even exit, we support these leaders and vital members of the community across all stages of the business lifecycle.

Owners of closely-held businesses are on the spot for decisions every minute of every day. Some are life-changing, while others may seem mundane. When it comes to finances, every decision counts, with both short- and long-term implications for the success of the company.

Functional Expertise to Support Those You Count On

With closely-held businesses, it’s rare not to work directly with the owners. They take their title seriously. When it comes to finances, they also know that they often need both functional expertise and expert guidance to reduce risk, maximize profit, and keep the business running efficiently.

We also frequently work with the professionals that make up the financial team, including Controllers, CFOs and other office managers, on day-to-day transactions, major transformational transactions, bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, valuation, guidance, and oversight.