Understanding Your Business is Our Business

Details matter. That means knowing the nuances, from operations to channels, suppliers to customers, and all the trade-specific language in between. Our team has accumulated decades of experience across a broad range of industries to enable us to optimally serve Owners, CFOs, Controllers, and other trusted business advisors of closely-held businesses. For example:


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Your only boss is your customer. When you’re at work, their needs and desires come before your own. They are the ones who got you into business and they are the ones who keep you in business. When you are serving your customer, nothing can get in the way – certainly not your bookkeeping, accounting, and financial concerns. Let us serve you with the same care that you give your customer: attentive, consistent, and timely. We’ll be there for you, so that you can be there for them.


Your office overlooks the plant floor, and you feel right at home there. You count safety days, know every aspect of operations and most of your customers, and your staff – from frontline to the office next door – either is family or feels like it. We know you’d rather be working on production with your team or in the field with customers, but you know the books won’t keep themselves. We can get that out of your way, and even help you prepare for your next level of growth, focus or efficiency.


Products rarely deliver themselves. You are the essential pathway from what is produced to where it’s needed. It’s far more than getting there. It’s fast, tracked, on time, whole, safe. It’s planes, trains, trucks, boats, containers, and links. It’s weather and labor and connections and construction and traffic and borders and documentation and anything completely unexpected. Other businesses depend on you to serve their customers, and there is literally, never “nothing to worry about.” When your business is intricately tied to trust and elements beyond your control, the last thing you need is to be bogged down in the back office. You’re in it for the long haul, and we can help get you there.

Other Industries Served

  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Healthcare/Biotech
  • Financial Services
  • IT Products and Services
  • Personal and Business Services

Our experience in your industry also means a vast network and access to marketplace opportunities. TP4 Advisors’ full-service team expertly guides you through financial transactions and transformations, from the most general to the most industry-specific. We help owners and their teams get -and keep- the financial enterprise running optimally for compliance, performance, organic growth, acquisitions and/or divestiture.

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