There are many things to consider when selecting an M&A Advisor, along with what value they bring to you.

I want to highlight 3 key things that I think everyone should consider when meeting with a prospective M&A Advisor:

Trust is the foundation of any relationship


Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and the relationship with your M&A advisor should not be any different. Regardless of whether you are pursuing a sale or purchase, it is critical to trust who is guiding you through the process.

Much like your banker or legal counsel, TP4 benefits from exposure to ideas and issues working with a broad array of clients. This diverse experience allows us to deliver you a fresh perspective while still maintaining the same efficiency and high impact.

Transaction Experience

Transaction experience is important. The M&A advisors you work with are there to create value with a competitive process, and it is best if the advisor has expertise in your specific industry.

Your advisor should understand the key drivers of your business, the market dynamics and be able to identify potential buyers. Be sure to inquire about their transaction experience to learn more about how many deals they have closed and what experience they have in your industry and with businesses similar in size.

Meet our partner-led teams that bring the right mix of expertise and first hand “in the weeds” problem solving—combined with integrity and confidentiality.


Meeting the team and understanding their approach and philosophy of how they serve you is a key factor. Does the team bring experience and background that align with your needs?

The team should effectively communicate who they are, who they serve and share their approach in a way that you feel comfortable and confident in their abilities.

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