Kolton Kohler

Bookkeeping Specialist Intern

Kolton Kohler is a dedicated student at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in accounting and diligently working towards obtaining his CPA certification. He complements his major with minors in Finance and Information Systems, broadening his knowledge and expertise in these interconnected fields.

Kolton's commitment to his education is paralleled by his active engagement in extracurricular activities. He has a passion for sports, particularly basketball, golf, and skiing during the winter months. His enthusiasm for physical fitness also leads him to maintain a regular workout routine at the gym.

In addition to his academic and athletic pursuits, Kolton is keen on developing a well-rounded skill set that will serve him in his future career. He values teamwork, discipline, and continuous improvement, attributes that he applies both in his studies and in his personal life.

Kolton's dedication to his studies, combined with his diverse interests and proactive approach to personal development, positions him as a promising professional in the fields of accounting, finance, and information systems.