Paul Dorger

CFO Advisor

Paul brings over 30 years of experience working with manufacturing firms generating revenues under $50 million. His keen eye for both the big picture and intricate details allows him to craft effective strategies and tactics.

Paul has successfully led cross-functional teams in implementing ERP software, facilitated acquisitions, and conducted thorough due diligence. He also played a pivotal role in training operations managers to comprehend financial statements and create precise operating budgets. His approach to product line simplification, guided by Pareto’s 80/20 philosophy, has consistently improved profitability, working capital, and customer focus.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Accountancy from Miami University. As a licensed CPA, he maintains an active status. Beyond his professional pursuits, Paul is an enthusiastic beekeeper and currently serves as the President of the Warren County Beekeepers. He resides in West Chester, OH, with his wife, Yolanda.