We are pleased to announce that Thomas Stokes has joined TP4 Advisors as our new Director of Business Development.

Thomas brings over 25 years of experience in Business Development and Operational leadership as CEO, COO and President of multiple private and publicly traded manufacturing companies, as well as successfully leading multiple mergers and acquisitions from the buy/sell side.

Prior to joining TP4 Advisors, Thomas worked with established Fortune 100 businesses in aerospace, automotive, defense, consumer products, material handling, agriculture, manufacturing automation and steel industries.

TP4 Partner, Todd Pfister, said, “We are excited to add Thomas to the leadership team here at TP4 Advisors. Thomas will lead our business development strategy and sales team. Thomas understands what business owners and they’re executive leadership teams need from a financial perspective. We anticipate Thomas will continue to drive top line revenue growth for TP4 into the future and continue to build on our past success in the Cincinnati market and beyond.”

The entire TP4 Advisors team is committed to helping you create financial foundations for sustainable growth!

About TP4 Advisors Inc 

TP4 Advisors Inc provides comprehensive financial services to business owners ensuring they keep their enterprise running optimally for compliance, performance, organic growth, acquisitions and/or divestiture. For more information, please visit us!


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